Why Bystander Training

Across the country, we are seeing an escalation in reports of bias, discrimination, harassment and assault — in the workplace, on campus, and in virtually every arena of public life. Each incident takes a heavy toll on the mental and physical well-being of the victims, and can have long-term consequences for the organizations involved. We can and must do better. It starts with training that ensures that members of your community know how to respectfully, peacefully and effectively intervene. 


Our Interactive Training Modules

  • Are based in a community responsibility model

  • Present research based evidence on bystander behavior to help participants examine, understand and improve their responses to incidents of harassment and bias

  • Describe the range of behaviors that are unacceptable and legally actionable

  • Provide valuable and effective tools for responding to and preventing harassment

  • Build communication skills for having honest and important conversations about discrimination and harassment that build bridges, educate the community and increase respect and safety for all members

  • Help participants develop new behaviors to help promote respectful, inclusive communities