Ethical Upstander Training


This is our core module that provides participants with the basic tools to become an active bystander. Unlike typical diversity trainings that only focus on compliance, active bystander training is a compassionate, experiential approach to learning skills for effectively interrupting and preventing harmful behavior.  Active bystander training has been cited by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Forbes as the most effective training for responding to and preventing harassment and discrimination in the workplace. 

Customized active bystander training for your school, organization,
or business


At the completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize biased or potentially harmful behavior

  • Identify commonly targeted social identity groups

  • Understand and counter the “bystander effect” psychology at the root of inaction

  • Use a variety of strategies to effectively interrupt potentially harmful situations

  • Support those who have been targeted

  • Respectfully “call in” those in our community who are doing the harm  

Our Ethical Upstander Trainings© pair with any of our diversity trainings to create a dynamic, change-oriented learning experience.


Half Day, Full Day and Two Day Modules Available


For Businesses

The EEOC reported last year that much of the training conducted in businesses over the last thirty years, much of which has focused on legal compliance, has been ineffective in changing behavior. Their research found that bystander training and civility training are most effective for preventing and responding to harassment in the workplace.

For Schools

Racial and sexual discrimination, harassment and sexual violence in schools and college campuses have reached crisis levels, harming students and institutions across the country. We need to respond more effectively than we have in the past. Bystander training creates allies and can change the culture on campus to one of respect.