Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


This training explores fundamental concepts related to diversity, equity and inclusion for those new to the organization and for organizations just beginning to incorporate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion principles to their mission.

Customized active bystander training for your school, organization,
or business


This curriculum is designed to teach participants to:

  • Use respectful, appropriate language when discussing social identity groups

  • Identify commonly targeted social identity groups

  • Define terminology and concepts relating to social bias, discrimination and harassment

  • Look through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion to increase awareness of power imbalances

  • Analyze prejudice, bias, stereotypes – how they are created, manifested and tools for un-doing them

  • Identify social identities, power, privilege and perspective

  • Engage with cultural humility

  • Amplify individual and collective responsibility

  • Strategies for creating welcoming, inclusive and equitable environments

    DEI pairs well with our half-day Ethical Upstander Training©.


Two Day Module


For Businesses

The EEOC reported last year that much of the training conducted in businesses over the last thirty years, much of which has focused on legal compliance, has been ineffective in changing behavior. Their research found that bystander training and civility training are most effective for preventing and responding to harassment in the workplace.

For Schools

Racial and sexual discrimination, harassment and violence in schools and college campuses have reached crisis levels, harming students and institutions across the country. We need to respond more effectively than we have in the past. Bystander training creates allies and can change the culture on campus to one of respect.