HUMAN IN COMMON offers active bystander trainings for schools, businesses, and organizations to create more informed individuals who are prepared to stand up against discrimination, harassment and injustice. We work in a nonjudgmental, participatory way that acknowledges our collective responsibility and capacity for creating safe environments.

 We all want safe and respectful
workplaces, schools and communities...

But when incidents of harassment, discrimination and social bias arise, many well-meaning people don’t know what to do. Too often, they do nothing. This is known as the “bystander effect”. It can leave targets vulnerable to harm and organizations at risk of damage to their mission and reputation. HUMAN IN COMMON, created by our founder, Deborah Cohen, and Assistant Director, Nialena Ali, provides active bystander intervention training to prevent harassment and discrimination. Our Ethical Upstander Training creates allies instead of onlookers - protecting individuals and organizations.


Human In Common Receives Mini-Grant from the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts!

We are thrilled to announce that the Young Women’s Advisory Council selected Human In Common as the recipient of their Rape Culture Task Force mini-grant, sponsored by the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts. We have designed a unique youth-centered curriculum that focuses on consent and healthy relationships. We have spent the last two months facilitating interactive workshops with the bright and upstanding students at Chestnut Middle School. Check out our facebook to see more on our progress with our youth group!

Thank You to Our Partners

Springfield School Volunteers - For acting as our fiscal sponsor for the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts’ mini-grant.

Tom Schiff, Phallacies Founder - For co-facilitating our consent and healthy relationships youth trainings and role modeling positive masculinity.

Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce - For sponsoring our upcoming Ethical Upstander Training© on Interrupting Racism and Interrupting Sexual Harassment & Assault.

Coldwell Banker - For hosting our upcoming Ethical Upstander Trainings© on 12/4 and 12/6 at their  location